Manchester Tantric Masseuses

With extraordinary skills as masseuses these experts in the art of Tantric massage draw upon the techniques of the age old Tantric tradition, which is recognised as one of the most deeply satisfying forms of massage. The wholeness of the approach to such intense pleasure is essential; delaying, extending and deepening the sensations until the body and mind are engulfed in the most overwhelming pleasures. There is indeed an almost magical alchemy which takes place when two people intent upon exploring this special technique give themselves utterly to its properties..

Originating over 5000 years ago, Tantra is thought to be a Sanskit word; as it evolved with the blending of Buddhist and Hindu traditions it became a legendary technique for its exponents of the massaging skills and techniques. These masseuses have extended their love of other forms of massage to totally absorb the principles of the Tantric techniques which enables them to share the sensuality and pleasure that is generated by its understanding and use. This encounter is a slow burn, communication between you involving each and every one of the senses to create an extended height of sensual pleasure. The touch of an experienced Tantric masseuse is like a feather touching your erotic soul.

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